• At Titan Teamwear, our preferred approach to sizing is always a face to face TeamFit, this can be arranged at any indoor location of your choice.
  • For all bespoke products and as part of our professional service and wherever possible – we carry out a TeamFit to achieve a more accurate measurement which will provide a comfort fit to help enhance performance.
  • Where a TeamFit has been requested, Titan Teamwear require:
    • That an appropriate indoor venue is arranged by the team requiring a TeamFit. It will not be possible to conduct a TeamFit at an outdoor venue or in a venue of insufficient size. Teams should ensure that they arrange and confirm a suitable venue that will be able to comfortably house our staff, all kit items and the team members to be fitted.
    • That all team members requiring fitting are present, or that as many as possible attend. We cannot provide multiple TeamFits to size a team over a number of sessions. Should any member not be able to attend, Titan Teamwear will provide a reliable size guide.
    • That, where minors attend a fitting,  a parent or guardian is present throughout the child’s TeamFit. Although all Titan Teamwear staff have been enhanced DBS checked, this is a mandatory requirement.
  • As teams vary in stature and dimensions, Titan Teamwear do not offer a ‘one size fits all’ approach where a standard ‘Age X’ team size template is used to produce a generic batch of teamwear sizes, as this can lead to unreliable sizing for your team.